Business Litigation

When business relationships are formed, it is assumed that they will be amicable, and the hope is that they will be profitable. Unfortunately, assumptions are not always correct, and hopes are not always realized. In some situations, it is discovered that a business partner, vendor or sub-contractor has acted egregiously, and the result is a significant financial loss.

Riff Law Firm evaluates the matter from the outset, whether as plaintiff or defendant, to determine the validity of the claim, as well as explore the possibility of resolving it without the necessity of filing suit. When that can’t be done, our firm fights for our clients’ rights and seeks every available remedy to which the clients are entitled.

Riff Law Firm routinely handles complex business litigation involving:
  • Breach of Contract;
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty;
  • Interference with Contractual Relationships;
  • Health Care;
  • Oil and Gas; and
  • Insurance Coverage Denial